VMware Fusion 1.1 Beta for Intel Macs

We are pleased to announce the release of VMware Fusion 1.1 Beta 1, the
most seamless way to run Windows on your Intel-based Mac.

Based on feedback from users like you, we’ve made scores of improvements
that make VMware Fusion even more reliable and easier to use.

See http://www.vmware.com/beta/fusion/

Before installing VMware Fusion 1.1 Beta 1, refer to the Before You Begin
section of the Release Notes for more details.

New and Improved Features in VMware Fusion 1.1 Beta

* New experimental support for DirectX 9.0 3D graphics (without shaders) to
enable more Windows 3D applications and games.

* iPhone now syncs with Outlook in Windows virtual machines

* Unity improvements include:

* Option to show or hide the Windows taskbar and Start menu in the View menu

* VMware Fusion “Launch Applications” window no longer appears
automatically when no Unity windows are open

* Improved support for Windows Vista 32 and 64-bit editions

* Improved support for Windows XP 64-bit edition

* Improved Boot Camp partition detection to work around issue where the
partition type is incorrectly set

* Improved support for Mac OS X Leopard hosts

* Eject key now automatically ejects the optical drive, even if the optical
drive is attached to a virtual machine.

* VMware Shared Folders created with Windows Easy Install now default to
“Read Only” access of the Mac’s home directory for maximum security

* Option to hide the VMware Fusion status bar to take advantage of more
screen real estate

* Make it more obvious in the status bar that VMware Tools are not
installed or are out of date

* Make it more obvious that virtual machines must be first powered off in
order to change most virtual hardware settings

Bugs Resolved with VMware Fusion 1.1 Beta

* Fixed issue where sometimes the Airport process would take up to 100% CPU
utilization when VMware Fusion is installed

* Slow mouse scroll wheel scrolling performance in Unity has been fixed

* Resolved hang when suspending/resuming virtual machines when FileVault is

* Resolved kernel panic that occurs when unplugging a USB volume that
contains the virtual machine

* No longer switch out of full screen mode when switching between
applications, when the screen saver kicks in, or when opening and closing
the lid of a MacBook/MacBook Pro

* Windows Easy Install now works correctly when no password is set for
Microsoft Vista guests. Previously, the password was incorrectly set to “*”
when the user selected no password.

* Logitech Control Center Caps Lock notification no longer displays when
moving in and out of virtual machine windows

* Date and time stamps are now preserved when dragging and dropping files
between virtual machines and the Mac

* Device menus now work correctly on Mac OS X Leopard hosts