REALbasic 5 for Macintosh now available with enhanced Jaguar support

REALbasic 5 makes creating software fun and easy, builds smaller
applications, improves support for Jaguar, adds powerful new Internet
capabilities, comprehensive Unicode support and powerful new server
development option.

February 24th, 2003. Austin, Texas – REAL Software announces the
availability of REALbasic 5 for Macintosh, the powerful, easy-to-use tool
for creating your own software for Macintosh and Windows. This new version
of the award-winning software includes enhanced support for Mac OS X version
10.2 “Jaguar” including drawers, brushed-metal windows and toolbars.

“REALbasic 5 is the most significant release in several years,” said Geoff
Perlman, President and CEO of REAL Software. “REALbasic is still the
fastest, easiest way to create Macintosh applications and now those
applications look and feel more at home on Mac OS X than ever before.”

REALbasic 5 sports powerful new Internet communications capabilities
including email and http classes, SSL and UDP communication. The REALbasic
language has been enhanced with new features such as operator overloading.
REALbasic 5 includes an all-new compiler and a debugger that greatly
improves the stability while debugging.

“Caststream has emerged as a leader in the Enterprise Communication and
e-Learning arenas,” said Chris Kawalek, Chief Technical Officer of
Caststream, Inc. “REAL Software has proven to be a great partner in
developing our award-winning product and we have been eagerly anticipating
the release of REALbasic 5 to provide additional enhancements to our

Thousands of people worldwide have developed database systems, utilities,
productivity tools and games for Macintosh and Windows using REALbasic. It’s
easy for beginners and powerful enough for professionals. Whether in
business, education or science – or just to have fun – anyone can use
REALbasic to create their own software.

Pricing starts at US$99.95 direct from REAL Software or through your local
Apple Store, CompUSA, Fry’s Electronics or Apple Authorized Specialist.
Upgrades start at US$29.95. REAL Software offers academic and volume
discounts as well as license-only and subscription pricing options. In
addition to US English, REALbasic is available in French, German, Italian,
Portuguese and Japanese from international distributors.

About REAL Software:
REAL Software Inc. was founded in 1996 with the vision of enabling ordinary
people to create their own software. The company, which is privately held,
has been shipping REALbasic since 1998. Since then, REALbasic has become the
de-facto standard for cross-platform application development on the
Macintosh. REAL Software is based in Austin, TX and is available on the web