TWIN APIW for Macintosh Available in Developer Release 1 Version
for Cross-Platform Windows to Macintosh Development

San Jose, CA — May 13, 1996 — Apple World Wide Developers Conference —
Willows Software, Inc. today announced the availability of the Developer
Release 1 (DR1) version of TWIN APIW for the Macintosh. Designed to create a
simplified migration path from Windows applications to other platforms, TWIN
APIW allows developers to write to the familiar Windows Application Programming
Interface (API) and deploy on other desktop platforms with one development
effort. The DR1 version for the Macintosh signifies availability of the first
non-proprietary Windows to Macintosh [development] porting tool kit.

“TWIN APIW for the Macintosh gives developers an early view of technology that
will allow them to develop Windows applications for the Mac OS,” said Rob
Farnum, president of Willows Software, Inc. “Macintosh developers will
appreciate that TWIN allows them to use Macintosh tools and compilers during
development. Traditional solutions have forced Macintosh developers to use
existing Windows tools. We understand the importance of maintaining a familiar
environment for developers, particularly Macintosh developers who have a strong
devotion to Macintosh tools.”

“Other companies claim to have truly cross-platform solutions, but we are the
first with an open, non-proprietary Windows to Macintosh tool that works within
the Mac IDE. This is a huge step toward our vision of application-driven
development, in which developers can build the best applications for customers,
independent of platform,” continued Farnum. “The platform is the dominant
factor for developers and customers. We hope to change that.”

In addition to allowing Macintosh developers to capture Windows market share,
TWIN APIW for the Macintosh will benefit end users with installed bases of
Macintosh computers. TWIN technology stretches the value of hardware and
systems by extending the target desktops upon which applications can be
deployed. Developers will be able to easily and efficiently build and deploy
their favorite Windows applications on Macintosh computers within their
organizations. TWIN APIW for Macintosh will greatly increase the number of
applications available for this popular platform. Additionally, TWIN APIW for
Macintosh has no ties to Windows source code and no run-time royalties.

TWIN Technology

TWIN APIW for the Macintosh is a source porting kit that allows developers to
migrate their applications to the popular Mac OS. The product allows
developers to maintain a single source base, which greatly reduces porting
costs and time to market. In addition, TWIN APIW lets developers combine
source code and existing Intel binary objects (i.e., DLLs) to take advantage of
third-party component technology without requiring vendor source code.

TWIN APIW for Macintosh is a toolkit designed to leverage existing Windows
application sources in a Macintosh developer environment. The product is
integrated into the Macintosh environment allowing developers to utilize their
existing compilers and debuggers for building native PowerPC based
applications. These features will enable Macintosh and Windows developers to
take full advantage of both markets and the development tools that are
optimized for these markets.

“Willows’ TWIN APIW for Macintosh is an exceptional solution for porting
Windows applications to the Macintosh platform,” said Heidi Roizen, vice
president for Apple Developer Relations. “Apple is very fortunate to be able to
offer this solution to its developers, and we look forward to working with
Willows as they move toward the final release of this tool.”

George Sutty with GSL Graphic Software Labs in Huntington Beach, CA, moved his
Backgammon by George program over to the Macintosh in less than one day. “I
moved 11,000 lines of code over to the Macintosh in about six hours. Any other
solution would have taken much longer and cost me thousands of dollars more.”

TWIN APIW Extensibility

As the Windows API evolves and is enhanced by Microsoft, TWIN APIW will remain
compatible through built-in extensibility. TWIN gives developers the ability
to enhance the API to include specialized application functionality as needed.
Similarly, Willows will act as a consultant to companies who want to add
specialized API functionality, but do not have the resources to do the work

Willows is also working with international standards organizations to promote
the APIW as an open, industry-wide standard.

TWIN APIW DR1 for the Macintosh

Users can register to download a free copy of the Macintosh TWIN APIW DR1
technology through Willows’ World Wide Web site at http://www.willows.com.
Users can also order a $250 annual subscription to receive quarterly updates of
a CD-ROM that includes source, binaries and documentation for all platforms.
In addition, developers must purchase a $250 re-distribution license per
platform for each application built using TWIN technology. Willows’ goal is to
partner with these initial developers to provide the technology, the support
infrastructure, and the information that will enable them to meet the
cross-platform needs of their customers.

Willows Software, Inc., Saratoga, California, is unique in its mission to be
the leading supplier of products and services based on an open and standard
Windows API. Willows’ technology allows developers to focus on building the
best possible applications, independent of platform, and deploy them on
Windows, Macintosh, UNIX and Netware platforms with little or no development


Darcy Fowkes
Marketing Communications
Willows Software, Inc.
(408) 777-1820 x234