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Formac introduces new LCD line and lowers prices

Formac today announced its new Gallery Platinum LCD with a 19.0″ or 20.1″ viewable screen. “Taking advantage of the latest leap in TFT technology, the new Gallery 1900 delivers industry-leading performance for pixel response time (8ms gray-to-gray), contrast ratio (800:1) and brightness (300 cd/m2),” the company says. For a limited time, Formac is offering a direct pre-order discount of US$40, lowering the price of the 19″ LCD to $459, and the 20″ LCD to $659. Read More

Studio TVR and Devideon 16x DL bundle offered

Formac Electronic today announced a new bundle promotion for the 2004 holiday season, which includes Studio TVR, a FireWire media converter with built-in TV Tuner, and the Devideon 16x DL, Formac’s new DVD Authoring solution with 16x DVD burning speeds (DVD-R) and dual-layer technology. The bundle sells for an estimated retail price of US$399 and is available immediately through Formac’s online store.

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Formac introduces dual-layer 16x DVD burner

Formac today announced the Devideon 16x DL, a new DVD/CD external drive that features speeds of up to 16x for DVD-R and DVD+R media. The Devideon 16x DL also takes advantage of the new dual-layer technology, allowing Mac users to store up to 8.5GB of data or video on a single disc. Bundled with Formac’s DVD authoring software, the new drive features a FireWire interface and support for DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and CD-R/RW.

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Formac unveils new Gallery Xtreme LCD line

Formac today announced its new Gallery Xtreme LCD monitor line. The new display comes with 19-inch or 20.1-inch viewable screen, and incorporates Formac’s 4th generation ColorProof VA TFT, which offers performance increases in brightness (300 cd/m2), contrast ratio (700:1) and pixel response (15ms). The company said that in combination with its proprietary digital graphics and conical viewing angle technology, the new displays can be calibrated accurately for use in color-critical applications.

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Formac launches online refurbished store

Formac today launched an online store for refurbished products. Formac’s refurbished store features new specials every week, starting today with the company’s Gallery 2010 LCD for US$899, a 30 percent discount on the MSRP. Formac said that in contrast to the common definition of the term “refurbished,” the offered Gallery 2010 displays come with brand-new TFTs, and only the display enclosures might exhibit minor cosmetic imperfections. Read More

Formac rolls out new 19″ LCD display

Formac today announced the Gallery 1900, a second generation 19-inch LCD with the latest ColorProof VA TFT. The US$849 display offers an SXGA resolution of 1280×1024, 300 cd/m2 brightness and 700:1 contrast ratio. It comes with both DVI and ADC interfaces, and is Mac and PC compatible. “Combined with Formac’s proprietary digital graphics technology and a unique conical viewing angle technology, the new Gallery 1900 guarantees a crisp and vivid picture, from edge to edge,” according to the company.

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Formac updates Devideon authoring software, drops price

Formac today announced a new version of the DVD authoring software for its Devideon Superdrive. The new release detects and incorporates chapter marks inserted in Apple’s iMovie 3 editing software, and is the first DVD Authoring software to support Pioneer’s A05 as well as A06 mechanism. Formac also lowered the pricing today on the Devideon DVD-R/RW & CD-R/RW combo drive to US$299. Read More

Formac unveils 20.1″ TFT for $999

Formac Electronic today announced the launch of its Oxygen line of aggressively priced flat panel displays. For a limited time, Formac is offering introductory pricing for pre-orders of the new line of LCD displays: the 20.1-inch Gallery 2010 for US$999 and its 17.4-inch Oxygen LCD for $499. The special offer ends April 15, 2003.

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Formac cuts prices on LCDs

Formac today announced a price drop for its Gallery LCD line. Formac’s Gallery 1740, a 17.4″ TFT is now priced at US$699 for the ADC or VGA version, and $739 for the DVI model. The 20.1″ Formac Gallery 2010 is now priced at $1,399, and comes with both ADC and DVI connections.

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Formac upgrades feature set of TV/media converter

Formac today announced an upgrade program for its Studio dv/tv FireWire media converter. The upgrade program allows owners of the Studio dv/tv to upgrade their device to take full advantage of Apple’s new iMovie 3 software, and adds digital audio recording capability with up to 48 Khz at 16 bit. Owners of Formac’s latest version of Studio dv/tv, equipped with an EPROM version of 1.06 or higher, can upgrade their device for free by downloading the new software package from the company’s Web site.

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