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[MD1] AIMED Conducts a series of polls

AIMED Conducts a series of polls for the Mac developer community!

Los Angeles, CA — September 23, 1997 — AIMED, the Association of
Independent Macintosh Engineers and Developers, is conducting a series of
polls to collect data that it’s developer membership can use to chart their
Macintosh development efforts. The information the three polls gathers has
been requested by AIMED members and is intended to gather information from
the developer community on the following topics, State of Macintosh
Development, Rhapsody, and Clone/CHRP issues.

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[MD1] Extending Mac OS 8 Contextual Menus

New utility extends Mac OS 8 Contextual Menus

September 17, 1997 – Limassol, Cyprus – Annoyed that you have to press the
Control key to open Contextual Menus? “Look Mom, No Hands!”, Tools & Toys’
newest shareware utility, lets you open Contextual Menus by just holding
down the mouse button, and leaves your other hand free for the coffee cup.
This handy US$ 9 software requires less than 10K of RAM, installs in less
than a minute, and is definitely a must for every Mac OS 8 lover!

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[MD1] EuroPress for small US based developers

Groupe Mirande launches ‘EuroPress’, a new low-cost press service aimed at
small US based hardware and software developers who want to raise the
profile of their products in Europe.

“Even small developers cannot afford to forget about Europe as a
market…ignore it at your peril” Says Paul Lambert of Groupe Mirande.

France – September 22nd 1997- Groupe Mirande, the French based company that
works with US based Hardware and Software companies to develop a commercial
presence for their products in Europe, today announce plans to expand its
services to include ‘EuroPress’, a new low-c

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[MD1] Universal PPP programmers’ API

From: Richard Buckle (

In the past few years there’s been an explosion of mutually incompatible
PPP drivers for the Mac. Writing one product to support them all cleanly
was a programmer’s nightmare — not to mention the testing.

The Universal PPP API is the solution: a general wrapper that dynamically
detects which PPP driver is in use and maps to its sub-API. Programmers can
simply code to the Universal API. For users, it “just works”, even if they
switch between PPP flavours without restarting.

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[MD1] Apple Names New PR Agency

Apple Computer Names Niehaus Ryan
Group Public Relations Agency

CUPERTINO, Calif., Sept. 22, 1997 Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL),
today named the Silicon Valley public relations firm Niehaus Ryan Group,

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