Discover a cross-platform development environment with the ease of
FileMaker, the depth of Powerbuilder, the flexibility of effortless web
publishing and the scalability of SQL front-ending.

Discover stand-alone or client-server databases running compiled on both
Windows and Macintosh with a huge range of add-ons for user interface and
connectivity options.

Discover 4th Dimension.

Attend ACI US’ FREE SEMINAR on 4th Dimension on Saturday, March 7 from
10-12AM at 20883 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino. This seminar will

* Basic 4D Terminology
* Migration to 4th Dimension for FileMaker Users
* 4th Dimension’s Form Wizard & Form Editor
* Custom Programming
* Custom Reports
* Upward Scalability

Gerald Bailey
ACI US Technical Support Team