ATTO Technology (, a provider of storage
connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive
computing environment, has announced that their FastStream Storage
Controller has been certified with the Fibrenetix E4 storage system.

The FastStream is engineered for real-time applications which require
managed latency and feature ADS and DriveAssure technology to ensure
best-in-industry data transfers for high-bandwidth applications while
preventing premature drive failures and drive slow downs providing
uninterrupted access to data, according to James U’Ren, FastStream
product manager for ATTO Technology.

FastStream Storage Controllers allow multiple workstations to share a
pool of RAID-protected SAS or SATA storage without using a Fibre
Channel switch. Using the FastStream with SAS drives protected by
RAID 5 provides support for up to five streams of 10-bit uncompressed
HD video with performance up to 1400MB/second. The FastStream
provides shared performance capable of handling 30 total streams of
DVCPro HD or ProRes 422 over multiple workstations.

Fibrenetix E4 system supports up to 6x 16 bay storage enclosures in a
chain and can utilize 3.5-inch, 2.5-inch and even solid state disks
in the same hard drive caddy, enabling customers to mix and match
10K, or even 15K RPM drives, with solid state drives in a single