The non-profit group PIRG has published a report looking at how well companies are supporting user repair for 21 products covered by New York’s Right to Repair law. Apple’s grades ranged from an “A” to an “F.”

New York’s Right to Repair rules require manufacturers to provide owners and independent repair shops with the same repair materials they use for their own repair services — including parts, tools and information like service manuals. The law is in effect for products that were released after July 1, 2023.

Here’s how PIRG graded some of Apple’s products:

° iPhone 15: A, based on the availability and quality of the repair manual provided by Apple, along with perfect availability of the parts checked.

° M3 MacBook Pro, C. The manual scored 10/10, but parts availability was non-existent.

° Apple Vision Pro, F. Neither a repair manual nor spare parts were available.

PIRG, part of the Public Interest Network, says its mission is to “serve as counterweights to the influence of powerful special interests that threaten our health, safety or well-being.”

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today