Zentra, a brand of Allegion and a provider of smart access solutions, has integrated resident keys capability in Apple Wallet for use by customers and their residents. 

This enables residents to easily and securely add their resident keys to Apple Wallet and unlock their apartment with a simple tap of an iPhone or Apple Watch. With this new capability, residents are able to unlock their building doors, amenity spaces and individual apartment units without contact using their iPhone or Apple Watch — eliminating the need to use a traditional, physical key, according to Dave Ilardi, senior vice president and president of Allegion Americas.

Currently, the Zentra and resident key in Apple Wallet solution is available on the Schlage Control Mobile Enabled Smart Lock, award-winning Schlage NDE Mobile Enabled Wireless Cylindrical Lock, Schlage MTB Mobile Enabled Multi-technology Reader, and Schlage RC Reader Controller. Zentra has plans to expand its capabilities to the new Schlage XE360 Series later this year.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today