Here are the top Apple-related articles at Apple World Today for the week of October 2-6:

° Who knows? We might see an M3 iMac this year after all.

° Check out my review of three great screen protectors for the iPhone.

° Apple has been granted a patent for a “Guided Retail Experience.” It involves using a Mac, iPad, or iPhone for viewing items in virtual reality/augmented reality that a user may wish to purchase.

° Apple’s Tim Cook is among the most popular CEOs.

° Analyst Gene Munster thinks it will bout five years for the Vision Pro to go mainstream.

° Apple wants you to be able to draw in a virtual reality environment as evidenced by a newly granted patent for “Techniques for Enabling Drawing in a Computer-Generated Reality Environment.”

° Here are the 10 Apple products that lose the most value over time.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today