Despite the growth and emergence of tech such as Devine AI, there is still a projected increase in demand for web experts and agencies in the coming years. 

You can quickly find out within clear and simple statistics, which we will discuss below, that there is still a great demand for proficient individuals in IT. Let’s say they can certainly add a human touch into development. 

So if you are wondering what a web app development agency does today, even if there are a lot of advanced new technologies according to Digiteum, we can provide a full picture on a subject and look at all the info gathered about what’s needed, the specifics involved and of course, the costs!

Development: understanding the niche and web market

First, we would love to draw your attention to some initial supportive data and statistics to intrigue you. In 2021, the global web development market was valued at around 56 millions dollars, and looking forward to 2027, indicating a growth with the market expected to be around $89 million and showcasing a 8.03% of GAGR. As you can mention, this projection emphasizes the expansion of web app development company services and the niche itself.

Another prominent point here, nowadays startups and businesses shift their operations and services online. There’s a clear tendency towards using and making almost everything online from shopping and banking to entertainment and paying for educational classes. And here comes web app development!

Web application differs from app as it uses different technologies that run in your browser like Google Chrome. So it’s basically your app that you do not need to download, you can just open it on a website in your Safari browser.

Creating a solution by experts

Let’s take an example, imagine that you are a startup owner and you’ve decided to transition your product or service to an online platform, allowing it to be accessed through a web browser. First, you will be in search of programming and IT experts who can do both the client and server side of work, which are used in web app development by agencies. Sure, you want to create a quality, dynamic, responsive and interactive solution for your potential customers.

Developers usually start the process by determining and providing estimates of your project. They provide ready-solutions estimations or describe the technologies that could be applied and also the costs and time, and so on. By solving a particular issue that the web application will resolve, you can decide on the best environment and development tools. Shortly, a web app development firm with their employees, whether outsourced or in-house, will:

  • evaluate your product
  • estimate feature, time and costs
  • develop a web app
  • make sure it is secure and works properly
  • launch it and maintain

Although some agencies can even offer additional experts as managers and even content and SEO creators as such apps use browsers to access content. So starting from back-end and front-end developers to designers and PM managers, you can get a feature-rich and interactive solution that will work across different platforms.

What are the examples of web apps?

Before developing an application, it is crucial to check ready-solutions and see how they work and what they offer. To better realize what the web app is, you can research top popular sites in your niche. But let’s focus on the most interesting and popular options, just to get a better idea and see a whole picture:

  • Microsoft Office Online: it is an online web-based application that enables users to create, edit and collaborate on text documents
  • Dribbble: this platform is focused on sharing content like images, photo and videos
  • SaleHoo: it is a well-known popular retail service where you can acquire products online
  • Apple streaming: as a video platform, you can find there lots of helpful features while watching movies

Basic details

So the web application development agency is a hired company that will focus on creating basically a program for your needs. An application program that is downloaded online to the user’s laptop, for example, and stays on distant servers. But a web application is accessed through a network/browser and does not require downloading anything. You can just open your page and start using it. The bulk of web apps are able to be created in:

  • HTML5
  • CSS and
  • JavaScript

Typically, a short development lifecycle is managed by a small development team. Thus, you require professionals for tasks like:

  • Front-end web pages/landing pages are created using programming knowledge
  • Web browser specialists and designers, UI/UX expert
  • Specialists who are usually in charge of client-side or back-end programming
  • QA tester, a person who will be responsible for ensuring the quality/functionality


Typically, the agencies serve a wide range of sectors or niches. The following are usual uses for their services:

  • E-commerce platforms: creating reliable, user-friendly platforms
  • Management Systems: the publication and administration of data is critical for many individuals and enterprises
  • SaaS apps: big companies usually require sophisticated apps for SaaS niche in order to increase productivity and streamline operations

Services and costs that are offered by teams

The agencies work with a team of educated experts who are well-versed in coding languages, software development and other tools and technologies to provide services for development, design and other related areas. This definitely costs a certain amount. For teams, delivering high-quality work on schedule is crucial. Thus, it might turn out expensive to achieve such ideas. Let’s see it as an investment that certainly costs a certain amount according to your demands and requirements:

  • Static website: a reasonably priced way to show off static data or portfolios. Approximately 200 to 270 hours total (1 hour of one professional front-end web developer can cost from 20 to 50 dollars and more). Remember, that you may need more experts in a project.
  • Web application that is dynamic: depending on your needs and location, the time frame could be between 230 to 330 hours.
  • Web application for e-commerce: including payment gateways, content management systems, and SEO-friendly design, with chatbots and push notifications, the duration could be 350–700 hours.
  • Web portal side: whether it is B2C or B2B or educational community group, the time frame (roughly) could range from approximately 15 to 25 weeks, etc.

Final thoughts

Summing up, web application development agencies serve as a middleman service behind the commercial area, bringing ideas to life and enabling businesses to thrive by using online tools. With the offerings, precise methods, and tech expertise, you can start recording a success, as it is always worth investing in digital solutions today.

Just remember to obtain excellent outcomes, apps must be developed using a comprehensive approach that incorporates a variety of new tech and programming languages. You can apply frameworks, developers may construct powerful solutions which all should work for the demands of both users and business.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today