“I just purchased an Apple iPhone and now I need to transfer over 900
contacts, photos and other files from my old phone to my iPhone.”

Berlin — Jan. 3, 2008 — nova media is proud to announce the release of
Fone2Phone for Mac OS X at Macworld Expo 2008. Fone2Phone is a sleek
utility for Macintosh users that will copy data from an ordinary cell phone
to the Macintosh computer in one streamlined operation, making iPhone and
iPod migration much simpler.

Jan Fuellemann, PR spokesperson for nova media, said, “This little jewel
takes care of the complete communication process, from connecting the cell
phone to saving the files in the appropriate locations on the Mac.”

Fone2Phone offers a simple wizard interface for copying contacts, events,
tasks, notes, bookmarks, photos, music and movies from the old cell phone
to the Mac. It is so seamlessly integrated with Macintosh desktop
applications, user interaction is only required to select the cell phone
and which data to copy.

After Fone2Phone has finished the copying process, iTunes can be used as
usual to determine which data should be transferred to the iPhone or iPod
during the next sync operation.

Fone2Phone requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 (10.5.2 or higher for Leopard) and a
compatible cell phone. Fone2Phone has an introductory price of Euro 12,52
plus VAT (approximately $19 U.S.) until Jan. 31. After that, FoneLink will
cost Euro 16,72 plus VAT (approximately $25 U.S.).

A demo version will be available for download on Jan. 14 at nova media’s
website – http://www.novamedia.de.

About nova media:

The founders of “nova media Mobile Data Solutions GmbH” started their
business in 1996 in Berlin. The company specializes in mobile data
solutions for Mac OS X. More information is available at
http://www.novamedia.de or by phone at +49 30 390 90 40.