In a collaboration aimed at revolutionizing responses to mental health crises, AltaPointe Health and the Mobile (Alabama) Police Department have joined forces. 

Through the partnership, AltaPointe, a leading behavioral health provider, aims to reduce the number of 911 calls related to mental health crises, minimize law enforcement’s involvement in non-violent situations, and decrease the rate of arrests by facilitating immediate access to treatment for individuals in crisis. 

One key initiative of this partnership is comprehensive training for all MPD officers on effectively responding to mental health calls and employing de-escalation techniques. Cindy Gipson, Ph. D., associate executive director of crisis services for AltaPointe, says, “By enhancing officers’ preparedness, the likelihood of negative outcomes in crisis situations decreases significantly.”

She adds that, inspired by successful models observed in Harris County, Texas, AltaPointe has leveraged innovative solutions, such as using iPads in the field. 

“With iPads installed in patrol vehicles, officers can instantly connect individuals in a crisis with clinicians at AltaPointe’s Behavioral Health Crisis Center. This immediate access allows for timely interventions, de-escalation of situations, and appropriate referrals for treatment or follow-up appointments,” she says.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today