ASHLAND, OR. — January 23, 2007 — Open Door Networks Inc. today
announced major upgrades to its comprehensive line of Internet
security products. The upgrades, available immediately, provide
significant new functionality and enhanced integration, along with
addressing new and evolving security issues. Open Door also announced
special pricing on the products through February 14.

Each of Open Door’s security products is receiving an upgrade:

* The DoorStop X Firewall, version 2.0, adds “Location sets,” which
specify different protection for different network environments,
automated log archiving, service-specific logging options, direct
integration with Open Door’s security blog and other new
features and fixes.

* The Who’s There? Firewall Advisor, version 2.1, includes new
filtering and searching features, enhanced real-time scrolling,
direct integration with Open Door’s security blog, new service
definitions and bug fixes.

* The eBook “Internet Security for Your Macintosh: A Guide for the
Rest of Us” has been updated to discuss the latest issues and
concerns, in particular security for Intel Macs running Mac OS X
and/or Windows. The eBook, and its associated blog,, are
integrated into Open Door’s other security products, and the book is
also available as a standalone PDF file.

* The DoorStop X Security Suite, version 2.0, includes all of the
above updated products. The Suite continues to represent the most
comprehensive approach to Macintosh Internet security available today.

Free 30-day evaluation versions of the updated products are available
from Open Door’s Web site at Mac OS X 10.3.9
or later is required.

Through February 14, 2007, special pricing for the products is:

* DoorStop X Firewall 2.0: $39

* Who’s There? 2.1: $29

* “Internet Security for Your Macintosh”: $9

* DoorStop X Security Suite 2.0: $69

Through the same period, upgrade pricing includes:

* Any version of DoorStop X Firewall to 2.0: $29

* Any version of Who’s There? to 2.1: $19

* “Internet Security for Your Macintosh”: Free

* DoorStop X Security Suite 1.0 to 2.0: $39

Access to Open Door’s Internet security blog, integrated directly
into the products, is also freely available to all at The blog provides up-to-date information on the
latest Macintosh Internet security issues as those issues develop and

Open Door Networks, a leading provider of Internet security solutions
for the Macintosh, shipped the first Macintosh firewall in 1998, and
premiered its flagship DoorStop X Security Suite in 2005. Open Door’s
mission is to provide Macintosh users with Internet solutions that
are as easy-to-use and as powerful as the Macintosh itself. Open Door
Networks is based in Ashland, Oregon.