Apple’s annual shareholders’ meeting concluded today with support for all of its proposals, and rejection of shareholder proposals, despite controversies and disagreements, reports AppleInsider.

Apple’s board and executive compensation plans were approved, but no shareholder proposals were accepted. Al Gore and James Bell are set to retire from Apple’s board, while former Aerospace Corp. CEO Wanda Austin will join.

Here are details from AppleInsider’s report:

° The National Center for Public Policy Research asked Apple to provide a report on the potential hazards related to the exclusion of “viewpoint” and “ideology” from its EEO. However, the tech giant recommended voting against the proposition because a report would not provide material additional information. The company believes it already fosters an environment where every idea is valued and everyone is included — and its board of directors agreed.

° The American Family Association worried about Apple limiting content access within its online services and accused Apple of helping the Chinese Communist Party by removing popular Quran and Bible applications from the App Store in China. Apple’s board of directors Apple’s board advised voting against this proposal, noting that it is already beholden to local laws.

° The board of directors also advised voting against the proposal that would have required greater disclosure of employee diversity, stating that the Inclusion and Diversity website already provided comprehensive information.

° The National Legal and Policy Center asked Apple to report on enforcing its global privacy and human rights policies. Again, Apple’s board advised voting down the proposal as it wouldn’t provide new information. The company reiterated that it’s transparent about its approach to complex situations while respecting human rights.

° AFL-CIO Equity Index Funds asked Apple for a transparency report on their use of AI and ethical guidelines. However, Apple’s board advised voting against the proposal as it was deemed too broad and had the potential to reveal strategic plans that could harm their competitive position.

Speaking of AI, during the shareholders’ meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook said he believes Apple will “break new ground” on generative AI this year.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today