MacStadium, a private Mac cloud provider enabling enterprise macOS workloads, has launched an online community designed “to deepen the connections of application developers through knowledge sharing and collaboration.”

CEO Ken Tacelli says the MacStadium Community is designed by developers for developers to share a space to network, collaborate and stay informed with their peers on trending topics such as Apple development, CI/CD testing, artificial intelligence, DevOps and open source.

“In a space where many developers work remotely or in a hybrid environment, the MacStadium Community offers developers the opportunity to connect with their peers.” Said Ken Tacelli, CEO of MacStadium. “We’ve set the intention with this community that peer connection and interactions will promote knowledge sharing and innovation in the Mac application development space.”

Tacelli says some of the key benefits that developers can expect when joining the MacStadium Community include: 

  • Knowledge exchange – Dive into discussions that range from exploring the latest trends to troubleshooting code, offering a reservoir of collective wisdom. 
  • Collaboration – Forge new connections and partnerships with fellow developers. 
  • Stay informed – In the fast-paced world of app development, staying informed about the latest industry news, emerging technologies and best practices keeps you at the top of your game. 
  • Ask and Answer – Everyone encounters the occasional roadblock. Benefit from collective problem-solving with our diverse member base.  

The MacStadium Community is open to all developers now. Go to to join.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today