Lobster Claw Software has launched “Who They With,” a mobile app designed to connect film and television enthusiasts with the complex web of relationships in the entertainment world. 

Who They With is available now for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Inspired by the concept of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” the app offers an interactive way to explore the connections between movies, TV shows, cast, and crew. Creator Jeremiah Jenkins says it’s not limited to finding connections, though. He says the following is just a sample of the many features of the app.

  • Where to Watch: Learn where to watch that new (or classic) movie or show, whether in theaters, on air, or streaming online.
  • Cast & Crew: Find complete cast and crew history of film and television personalities and productions.
  • Videos: Watch trailers, teasers, vignettes, and other movie and TV show video clips from directly within the app.
  • TV Seasons & Episodes: Browse TV seasons and episodes to see air dates, still photos, episode synopses, and more.
  • Home feed: Endlessly scroll through a Pinterest-style feed of popular and trending content.
  • Search: Search by movie, show, or person, or all of the above at once.
  • Explore: Specify movie and show attributes like genre, date, ratings, streaming providers, and more before revealing the list of matches.
  • Likes, Dislikes, and Lists: Keep track of interesting shows, films, and people through built-in as well as custom lists.
  • Actor Link Exploration (aka “Who They With”): Discover how up to six actors are connected through shared projects, and how up to six shows or movies are connected through shared cast and crew.
  • In-Depth Insights: Access detailed information like community reviews, dates (birth, death, air, release, etc.), runtimes, taglines, genres, show status, budget, revenue, and much more.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today