KiDSafe Technologies has released KiDSBrowse 1.1 for Mac OS X (10.4 and higher), an update to their web browser application specially designed to provide a safe experience for kids and teens on the Internet.

KiDSBrowse features parental controls, malware resistance from viruses and spyware, and a colorful interface. It opens with 13 kid-safe websites already included, and the ability for parents, teachers, and caretakers to add any number of additional sites, with advanced filtering options for each.

Because it is an integrated application, rather than an add-on to an all-purpose web browser, it is easy and uncomplicated for the adult to control access to content, and equally easy for the young person to visit and explore kid-safe websites, according to the folks at KiDSafe Technologies. The browser has two modes of operation: Adult Mode and Kid Mode.

In Adult Mode, the browser’s operation is the same as any other. Search engines are available and there is unrestricted access to everything on the Internet. Adult Mode is used to set up Kid Mode by specifying passwords, approved sites, use logs, advanced filtering, and the graphical user interface. In Kid Mode, there are only three navigational buttons (forward, backward, home), and no search engine or URL bar. All available web sites appear on the home page as large square icons for each approved web site.

KiDSBrowse 1.1 costs US$39.95 and is available through the KiDS Safe website ( Free demo versions may be downloaded.