Web Video 2.0 Platform Offers Means to Showcase Content
and Generate Revenue

SAN FRANCISCO (Macworld), Jan. 17, 2008 – Filmmakers and content owners now
have an opportunity to showcase their work online and to generate revenue
doing it via a new video delivery platform created by mDialog
(, an innovative web video 2.0 company. mDialog today
introduced its pay-per-download engine that is intended to generate revenue
for content producers every time a customer subscribes to their
pay-per-download channel. A beta version of the system will be online by
February, 2008.

Filmmakers who publish their own customized channels using mDialog’s
platform can choose to offer access to viewers at very affordable price
points, including “pay-what-you-can.”

The latter is based on the open access model that some artists have offered
to their fans.

Producers will receive 60 percent of the revenues generated and are free to
incorporate product placement or other types of sponsorship into their own

“mDialog’s ability to offer high resolution film and video content and a
means to monetize it is a win-win outcome for both viewers and filmmakers,”
said Greg Philpott, founder and president of mDialog. “We’re interested in
not only showcasing the extraordinary work of producers but also in
rewarding their time and efforts, and making mDialog the place to go to
watch great content.”

Using mDialog’s pay-per-download engine, producers will have the
flexibility to devote a dedicated “channel” to a single film or series of
episodes and to charge for its access. This format lends itself well to
hosting episodic programs, and previews will be made available to viewers
at no charge. As an alternative to broadcasting their content web-wide,
producers can “narrowcast” their programs, making them available only to a
select group of viewers of their choosing.

About mDialog provides an open, state-of-the-art platform for both the
professional producer / filmmaker and amateur video enthusiast. Through
its innovative mLoader software, mDialog enables content producers to
easily encode, describe and upload h.264 high-resolution video from their
desktop. mDialog also enables viewers to watch or download videos to Macs
and Apple video devices (which include an iPhone / iPod Touch optimized
version of the service) and PCs; subscribe to mDialog channels via iTunes;
and engage filmmakers and other audiences through advanced social
networking features. mDialog is a subsidiary of mDialogue Corporation,
which was founded in 2005 and is based in Toronto, Canada with offices in
New York City. Visit