BeFamily, a smart assistant app designed to help families collaborate and reduce their workloads, is now available at the App Store and Google Play for English speaking users worldwide.

Developed by Gavin Zuchlinski, an entrepreneur and former VP Product, Platform & Scheduling at Squarespace, BeFamily is designed to help families share their schedules, tasks, plans, routines, lists, and activities all in one place. 

 “BeFamily was created to address the real problems families have when they are trying to organize their lives beyond scheduling issues,” he says. “This smart assistant solves these issues by providing a hub that removes the element of chance when it comes to scheduling – all while improving communications. BeFamily helps families collaborate on to-do items, keep abreast of scheduled events and changes, and remove information gatekeepers that typically make running a family harder than it needs to be.”

The app works when a family member downloads it and once registered, invites other family members to the shared space. Each member can then sync their calendars of choice from options such as Google Calendar, Office 365, Apple iCloud, and Calendar (ICS) and when members log in to the app, they see a calendar populated with events from all their synced calendars shared in one place. 

Events can also be added natively within the app, along with lists, tasks and plans that are shared with all the family members – which is not limited to immediate family nor by a max number of users. Extended family members (e.g., grandparents) and friends can be invited as well to a user’s BeFamily dashboard.

According to Zuchlinski, some of the core features of BeFamily include: 

  • To-Dos –  App users can organize all the tasks & routines in their family using AI- powered assistance to complete them. Users can also stay organized by creating multiple lists for their to-do items. Whether it’s shopping, groceries, or long-term tasks, they can keep everything separate without cluttering up their main task list. 
  • Agenda – Users can centralize their family’s calendars to view personal, work, and school events all in one place. Intelligent features of the app highlight notable and upcoming events, as well as any conflicts in advance to help family members avoid surprises.

Zuchlinski says that some of the newest features added in 2024 prior to the launch include: 

  • Collaboration – This section of the app keeps everyone in your family, and even people outside of your family, on the same page by centralizing event details, time, and location. Perfect for planning large scale events or ones with lots of moving parts.
  • VIP Club and Streaks – A special access club that BeFamily users can join after keeping up a number of streaks (45 days consistently) by logging into and using the app. Club access includes priority support, early access to new features, and a call with the founder of BeFamily to give him direct feedback about the app.
  • Meal Organization – A space on the app that allows users to plan for meals with idea assistance from a built-in AI tool that offers shared meal planning ideas and recipes. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today