Tabasoft announces the availability for free download of Biferno version 1.2.

Biferno is a new object-oriented, HTML embedded, scripting language for web
development. The high-level built-in classes, with their methods and
properties, make the code very clean and easy to mantain.

Biferno is an open-source, cross-platform project for Linux, Windows, Mac
OS X and Classic and with the effort of other programmers can be recompiled
on other operating systems. This makes very easy to move a site created
with Biferno from one system to another.

Biferno has a plug-in architecture that makes the language completely
extensible, allowing other developer to easily add functionality through
internal and external classes.

This version includes some enhancements and bug fixes in various parts of

Among others:

– SMTP code modified to allow SMTP authentication and attachments on emails.

– The method IsEMail of class string has been updated.

– Support for prepared queries has been added to mysql extension.

– Another version of the Apache module compatible with the Linux Trustix
distribution has been added.

Many bugs have been fixed and error reports improved. Users are strongly
encouraged to install this update. Check the complete release notes
( for a
detailed description of the changes and fixes of this version.

For more information please visit where you
can download the software, including guides, manuals and an on-line