InfinaCore has announced the upcoming launch of its newest product at CES 2024: the P3 Pro all-in-one wireless charging bank. 

An upgraded version of the brand’s P3 model, the P3 Pro has the capacity to charge laptops, smart phones, gaming devices, and accessories with two USB-C ports and one USB-A port. Other upgrades include MagSafe compatibility and 15W Qi2 wireless charging integration (coming soon). 

The 65W output is fast enough for Macbooks, and the 10000mAh battery capacity is good for two full charges on new gen smartphones, according to InfinaCore co-founder Victor Chor. Additionally, the P3 Pro has an animated advanced color LCD display that not only shows battery percentage, but other helpful metrics such as current output, time to full charge and temperature.

Chor says the P3 Pro is designed to be both portable and powerful and can quickly charge more than just your smartphone. It can simply be plugged in a wall to charge, and you’ll know when it will reach 100% charging capacity via the LCD display. 

Besides the standard US A/C wall charger prongs, the P3 Pro comes standard with additional adaptor prongs for UK and EU outlets. Once the device is charged, it can be removed from the outlet and is instantly ready for powering your gear from anywhere.

You can also place your Qi2 or MagSafe wireless device on top of the P3 Pro and receive fast charging with no cables or cords attached to the phone or the charger. The Pro is lightweight (10 ounces) and compact enough for a purse or pocket (3.62″ x 3.26″ x 1.22”).

The new retractable silicone finger loop is designed to makes it easier to grab and hold it when on the go. Its design features non-slip silicone pads and a glassy finish.

The P3 Pro will be available for pre-order in a variety of colors on for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$129.99 in mid-March. An entry-level backing price of $74 is available starting today on Kickstarer. It will begin shipping in summer 2024 and will also be available on Amazon.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today