Readdle has launched Inbox 2.0, which offers tools to “ignite productivity,” including swipes (left for deletion, right for actions), read and unread statuses, plus dynamic drag-and-drop options.

Inbox 2.0 by Readdle is a feature of the Documents iOS app, a “super app for file action.” It allows users to de-clutter their files. According to the folks at Readdle, here’s are some of the top features of Inbox 2.0.

  • Swipes: manage files with a simple gesture. Swipe right for actions, left for deletion.
  • Read/Unread statuses: stay informed with handy indicators for your files, ensuring you never miss a thing.
  • Empty Status: Inbox encourages you to get things done, so you can relish in the tranquility of a tidy, organized space.
  • Push Notifications: get timely reminders for files that need your review.

Documents for iOS is a free download. However, it does promote in-app purchases.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today