ExpressVPN has launched its password manager, ExpressVPN Keys. It’s designed to help folks take control of their passwords so they can enjoy a secure, effortless online experience, according to Samuel Bultez, head of product, ExpressVPN.

Keys is available to all new and existing ExpressVPN users, on all devices and subscription plans, at no additional cost. Keys is integrated into the ExpressVPN apps for iOS and Android, and available as a browser extension on computers. It’s more protection in a single app and subscription.  

ExpressVPN also published a new security white paper detailing Keys’ design and infrastructure for full transparency. Keys is also included in ExpressVPN’s bug bounty program, so that external security researchers are regularly testing it and helping to improve it.

To begin using ExpressVPN Keys, simply download the Chrome browser extension for Mac, Windows, and Linux, or find it included within the existing ExpressVPN app for Android and iOS. To find out more about ExpressVPN Keys, please visit

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today