Post.Office: Simple, Secure & Powerful
Now Available with Advanced Features

Santa Barbara, CA, February 24, 2003. Post.Office 3.5.3 version 722,
the premier mail server and lists server for Mac OS X, is now available
as a free upgrade. Post.Office was originally designed to replace
‘sendmail’ with a mail server that was more secure and easier to manage.
Because of its simplicity and its power, Post.Office was widely
embraced around the world by ISPs supporting 10s of thousands of
mailboxes on platforms like Solaris, Digital UNIX and NT. Under the
auspices of their Japanese partner, Open Technologies, Tenon brought
Openwave’s well-regarded Post.Office to Apple’s Mac OS X and extended it
with an abundance of important new features.

Now that Tenon has modernized this robust package with Spam filtering,
protection from open relay, and other needed features, such as IMAP4,
POP-before-SMTP and SMTP-Auth, longstanding Post.Office users are
transitioning to Apple’s Mac OS X. Tenon sells Post.Office as a
downloadable software package for installation on Mac OS X desktops or
as a turn-key server on a Panther Xserve box. Customers on non-Mac
platforms can even daisy-chain their existing Post.Office non-Mac
servers with Mac OS X boxes. Another alternative, for non-Mac
Post.Office users, is to keep their mailboxes on existing Network
Appliances, but to upgrade their processor with Apple hardware and the
latest Post.Office package from Tenon. Post.Office customers on
non-Mac platforms are encouraged to call Tenon for analysis, support,
and system upgrades.

The SpamAssassin plug-in that was added as a plug-in last fall, has
excited the imagination of the Mac OS X user base. One customer, Jochen
Savelberg, IT Director and Online Producer, Euregio.Net, says,
“Post.Office provided features that I’ve always wanted on our sendmail
servers but never figured out how to implement.” “With the addition of
SpamAssassin,” he continues, “the system now blocks around 70% of
unwanted mail.”

Mr. Savelberg has further added to Post.Office’s value by contributing a
script, now widely used by Tenon’s Post.Office customers. The script
runs in conjunction with McAfee’s Virex as a daemon that is launched on
system restart. In addition to scanning messages for viruses, the
script includes a number of scanning options that include discovering
unwelcome file attachments; rewriting subject lines to “Careful
Attachments”, for attachment you allow, but which still look suspicious;
moving suspicious messages to a quarantine folder, etc. Savelberg’s
script includes a configurator/wizard to allow you to set up your
scanning preferences

A customer-maintained “Post.Office Stop SPAM” Wiki site
( is also available for Post.Office
users who are serious about fighting Spam. And Tenon has added powerful
logging analysis to its companion web server administration product,
iTools. So customers with iTools and Post.Office on the same box can
generate a graphical history of mail traffic.

Post.Office is offered on a sliding scale, depending upon how many
mailboxes and mailing lists are needed. A starter package is available
for $295, supporting 100 mailboxes and 10 lists. Mailboxes or lists can
be purchased in blocks of 100 for $150 ($75 educational). For thousands
of mailboxes, a range of packages are available to cater to
Universities, corporate enterprises, and ISPs. Wed-based mail clients
are also available as add-on packages. For 10 accounts or less,
Post.Office is free! Check the Tenon we site ( for
details and special offers.

Founded in 1989, Tenon Intersystems is a leader in high-performance
networking. Tenon technology has provided the framework for world-class
networking on the Macintosh and Tenon is continuing that tradition on
Mac OS X. Tenon Intersystems can be reached in the U.S. at
805-963-6983, by the internet at, or via the web at