An Apple-acquired company now renamed “Apple Payments Services” is likely behind the new UK-exclusive Apple Wallet features in iOS 17.1, reports MacRumors.

This may hint that Apple has plans to launch additional financial services in the country. Last year, Apple acquired Credit Kudos, a UK open banking startup that sought to help lenders make better decisions. MacRumors has now learned that Apple filed to change the name of Credit Kudos to Apple Payments Services Limited in July. “Credit Kudos” is now simply a trading name of Apple Payments Services.

Here’s how the startup’s website described the company last year: Credit Kudos’ intelligent products enable businesses to leverage Open Banking to enhance affordability and risk assessments. Our predictive insights are built by combining transaction and loan outcome data.

Our products help lenders streamline underwriting, improve accuracy in decision-making, and support customers after acquisition through our engagement tools.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today