Apple has released tvOS 17, which brings FaceTime to the Apple TV 4K set-top box.

Users can make calls directly from Apple TV 4K, or start calls on iPhone or iPad, and hand them off to Apple TV 4K. FaceTime on Apple TV 4K takes advantage of Continuity Camera support to wirelessly connect to iPhone or iPad, and leverages the devices’ cameras and microphones to bring participants together on the TV.

Later this year, new tvOS apps from Webex by Cisco and Zoom will take advantage of Continuity Camera and expand their communications capabilities to Apple TV 4K. Developers can make the most of Continuity Camera APIs on Apple TV 4K to integrate iPhone or iPad into their tvOS apps, and create new shared and immersive entertainment experiences for the living room.

Also new with tvOS 17 on Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD is expanded functionality with Siri. Users can ask more general questions and receive helpful responses, making Siri even more approachable and useful.

tvOS 17 can be downloaded by going to the Settings app on your Apple TV 4K set-top box. Then go to System > Software Update.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today