We are now shipping Yellow Dog Linux version 3.0, a new generation of Linux
for the PowerPC architecture. Yellow Dog Linux v3.0 features a friendly and
powerful graphical installer built from Red Hat’s ‘Anaconda’, an integrated
KDE 3.1 and Gnome 2.2 desktop environment, the gcc 3.2.2 compiler, improved
support for ATI and NVidia graphics cards, 3 Install and 3 Source CDs.

Yellow Dog Linux v3.0 is now available from Terra Soft as a complete box set
with 6 CDs, printed Companion to Installation, the completely revised
“Getting Started with Yellow Dog Linux, Second Edition” book, 60-day
installation support, and a t-shirt; and for those experienced with the
installation and use of Yellow Dog Linux, the Geek Edition offers all 6 CDs
without printed guide, book, or support at a reduced cost. The box set and
Geek Edition are available from Terra Soft’s online Store at

The revised “Getting Started” book is for those new to Linux or trying Linux
on a PowerPC for the first time. The reader is offered insight into a
UNIX-based operating system followed by a guided introduction to the Linux
graphical user interface, file management, and key applications and
utilities. The later half of Getting Started takes the reader into the basics
of the shell (command line interface), file management, and system
administration. More information is available online at

Terra Soft domestic and international resellers will be receiving box sets in
the coming days. Amulet, Terra Soft’s Japanese distribution partner will
offer a version of Yellow Dog Linux v3.0 with advanced Japanese support the
week of May 6. More information is available at http://www.amulet.co.jp/

–Terra Soft Staff