The best streaming service when it comes to keeping a show on the air? It’s Apple TV+ where the cancellation rate is just 4.9%, nearly half that of next nearest competitor Amazon Prime at 9%, as noted by Dark Horizons.

The results are from a new study from Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP+) and Luminate that looks at canceled series from leading U.S.-based streaming and linear programmers over the past three years.

The data, covering all series (scripted and unscripted) canceled between 2020 and August 8, 2023, saw a combined average cancellation rate of 12.2% from the streamers. In comparison, the overall broadcast TV cancellation rate was 26.6% and the overall cable TV cancellation rate was 7.2%.

When it comes to streaming services, Discovery’s Max service cancels the most with a cancellation rate of 26.9%. Not ot far behind was Disney+ at 21.1%, follow by Paramount+ at 16.9% and Hulu at 15.2%.

Shows that have been canceled by Apple TV+ are “Mr. Corman,” “Monster Factory,” “Dear Edward,” “Amber Brown,” “Shantaram,” “Suspicion,” and “Little Voice.” Other shows that some folks  considered canceled (but I disagree) are “The Mosquito Coast” (though the final episode tied up all loose ends), “Truth Be Told” (though it ran for three seasons, which may have been enough for star Octavia Spencer), and “City on Fire” (which, as best I can tell, was designed as a limited, not ongoing, series). 

Keep in mind that just because a show doesn’t return for a second season doesn’t mean it was canceled. Some shows are limited series and aren’t intended to run past one season. BTW, I’m not sure whether “Home Before Dark” has been canceled or not (though I suspect it has).

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today