U.S. downloads at the Apple App Store are declining, even as overall App Store revenue grows, according to data from app intelligence firm Appfigures (as noted by TechCrunch).

The analysis  is limited to the U.S. App Store and was measured using Appfigures’ Mobile Market Index. This index tracks the downloads and revenues of the top 25 apps in each category and country and then compares that to the date of Jan. 1, 2018. This results in a value that allows it to track app growth over time.

Last year, the Mobile Download Index, which tracks app installs, was 91.87. That figure means downloads were already down versus 2018 data, but not by much. As of August 31, 2023, the Index had dropped to 83.59 — that’s a drop of 8.28 points, or 9% lower than where it started.

However, according to Appfigures, revenue growth has far outpaced the slowdown in downloads as more developers are focusing on monetization. Ayear ago, the Mobile Revenue Index stood at 363.13. That means revenue is higher, much higher, than where it was in 2018. As of August 31, the Index is at 458.3. That’s a whopping 122.17 points, or 36.4% higher than where it started.

Apple Store revenue is growing despite a slowdown in downloads.

According to the Mobile Market Index, almost every category in the App Store saw revenue grow in the last year. Only four categories saw revenue shrink, all within games (Sports, Racing, Music, and Action).

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today