The folks at SellCell, a site for selling phones online, have announced the “Battle of the Apple Fans Competition.” The goal: to find the biggest Apple “superfans.”

When it comes to brand loyalty few can keep up with Apple and the contest is seeking to celebrate the tech brand’s biggest fans from across the world. Entrants will have to answer a series of questions on the history of Apple and its products and will be given only a short time to respond to prevent them from using the Internet to look up the answers.

Only the top 20 fans who score 100% in the quickest time will be invited to take part in a sudden death clash of the Apple “supergeeks.” Round one of the competition runs until the beginning of September with the final being held around Apple’s proposed big September launch event for new iPhones and Apple Watches. 

According to SellCell, the final round will contain questions “that only the ultimate Apple Brain could know – a true test of what it takes to be crowned the world’s biggest Apple superfan.”

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today