Apple is now the most-placed brand in both film and TV – surpassing both Coca-Cola and Nike, according to a new product placement study from Merchant Machine.

The information and comparison website analyzed thousands of movies and TV shows in order to find which brands and products are featured on screen the most. The study revealed that Apple products have been spotted a staggering 5,771 times in TV and 1,884 times in film. The wider study looked at specific products and found that MacBooks are the #1 most placed product in film and TV, while the iPhone is close behind – ranking #2 in movies and #3 in TV.

Apple products appear about three times more often than its rival Dell. The company has also been product placed 83.6% more often than second-placed Coca-Cola, appearing in almost precisely one-third of U.S. box office number ones since 2001.

A WSJ report found that across 74 ‌Apple TV+‌ episodes, characters handled some 300 iPhones, 120 MacBooks and 40 pairs of AirPods — and that these devices were mostly restricted to the “goodies.” Filmmaker Rian Johnson has even suggested that the lack of an iPhone can give away a “secret” baddy in a film, spoiling the surprise for viewers.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today