What might we expect in a third generation Apple Pencil? Apple has been granted patents that involve:

° An Apple Pencil that can detect and reproduce colors and textures;

° An Apple Pencil that can measure the coordinates of a 3D object and create 3D illustrations, 

° An Apple Pencil with hover sensors and expanded touch sensors;

° An Apple Pencil that responds to squeezes;

° An Apple Pencil that can be used while it’s charging;

° An Apple Pencil with “Find My” capabilities.

Other new rumored features include: 

° New sensors for more haptic feedback features;

° The tip of the Apple Pencil could have new tech that supports additional features or more accurate drawing accuracy.

° Support for a rolling gesture that would allow you to zoom in on the iPad. 

° A pivotal end that allows for rolling and sliding gestures.

Some of these speculated features are pretty far-fetched. However, Apple has filed for a patent (US 20230195246 A1) that would allow a user to manipulate an Apple Pencil across an input surface of iPad with the movement to be detected using axially-aligned electric fields generated by the stylus. What’s more, the stylus may also include a force-sensitive structure that can be used to estimate a force applied to the electronic device by the stylus.

There’s no hint as to when we’ll see a third generation Apple Pencil. However, when it arrives, I’d love for it to be offered in black, as well as white.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today