PCI Geomatics (http://www.pcigeomatics.com), a developer of software
and solutions for geospatial imaging applications, has expanded its
image management systems with the addition of support for the
PostgreSQL database. PCI Geomatics’ image management systems now
support the capability to read both raster and vector layers from a
PostgreSQL database, and offer an solution for managing imagery and
GIS data.

PostgreSQL is an open source object-relational database management
system. The new support offered by PCI Geomatics consists of
functions for loading raster and vector layers into a PostgreSQL
database. Vector layers are stored using the PostGIS extension to
PostgreSQL, and raster layers are stored using PostgreSQL large
objects.What’s rmore, vector layers that have been loaded into a
PostgreSQL database by any software are now accessible through PCI
Geomatics’ Generic Database Technology (GDB) if the layers are stored
using the PostGIS extension.

PCI Geomatics’ PostgreSQL image management systems also support a set
of image processing functions, web access through a web feature
service (WFS), and raw data dissemination over the web via an OGC
compliant Web Coverage Server (WCS). In addition, PCI Geomatics is
able to define a database schema and build applications around this
capability, addressing specific image management needs.

The PostgreSQL support will be incorporated into PCI Geomatics’
flagship desktop software, Geomatica, beginning with the 10.2
version, scheduled for early next year.