Rogue Amoeba has unveiled Farrago 2, a new version of its soundboard app for macOS that adds over 50 new features, as well as dozens of additional bug fixes and refinements.

The app offers playback of audio for use in podcasts and live performances. Farrago provides users with the ability to instantly trigger playback of songs, audio clips, and sound effects with just a key press or mouse click.

According to the folks at Rogue Amoeba, podcasters can use Farrago to include musical accompaniment and sound effects while recording, while theater techs can run the audio for all manner of live performances. It can provide quick access to a large library of sounds, as well as help running through a defined list of audio.

Farrago also teams up with Rogue Amoeba’s  audio routing tool Loopback and its audio recorder Audio Hijack to get podcasters the exact audio their shows need. A license for Farrago — which is compatible with macOS 10.15 and later— costs US$49, with a fully-featured trial available for download.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today