Apple has been granted yet another patent (number US 11619991 B2) for controlling devices such as HomePods with a gaze that activates Siri.

The patent relates generally to computer user interfaces, and more specifically to techniques for controlling electronic devices using gaze information. Apple says that some techniques for controlling electronic devices “are generally cumbersome and inefficient.”

For example, some existing techniques use a complex and time-consuming user interface, which may include multiple key presses or keystrokes. For another example, some existing techniques require the user to be within arm’s distance to activate a button of the device. 

Apple’s solution is for a device such as a HomePod to be equipped with sensors that could use gaze information to activate Siri. For example, the speaker could uses detect your gaze and activate the digital assistant. Apple also wants various HomePods and HomePod minis to be able to distinguish between different speakers.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today