Counterpoint Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) has released the results of a new study that wants to know how fast you would repair or replace a broken, lost, or stolen iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Seems most folks would rush to replace an iPhone, but only “hurry” to replace an iPad or Mac. CIRP’s data shows that iPhones have a critical and central role in customers’ lives. 

Almost 80% would replace a lost, stolen or broken iPhone either immediately or within a day or two, with more reporting they would replace an iPhone the same day than would wait a day or two. Only 6% would wait more than a week to have a working iPhone.

When it comes to the iPad, 80% of respondents said they’d fix or replace it within a week or sooner. Eighty-six percent of Mac users said they’re fix or replace it within a week or sooner.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today