Web Application Server Designed For Embedded Systems

GLENDALE, CA – Dec. 16, 2002 — Art & Logic, Inc., a leading provider of
embedded systems products and services, today released the Device
Management Framework 2.1, a web application server for creating device
monitoring and control applications. Version 2.1 includes the ability to
deploy device management applications as standards-based Web Services with
no additional programming.

The Device Management Framework is a complete solution for creating
HTTP-based device management applications for a variety of client types,
including web-browsers, SOAP clients, and XML-RPC clients.

More than just an embedded web server, the Device Management Framework
includes many of the features common to traditional web application servers
such as PHP or ASP.NET. The Device Management Framework’s ASP-style
scripting language was designed for building cross-platform applications in
small memory spaces. Other advanced features include dynamic user interface
updating, form handling, localization, and session management.

The Device Management Framework can run on any platform that has a C
runtime library and a TCP/IP stack. It is currently available for Embedded
Linux, eCOS, VxWorks, QNX, Lynx, Windows, pSOS, uCOS, IRIX, HP-UX, and Mac
OS X. A free evaluation kit is available.

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About Art & Logic

Established in 1991, Art & Logic, Inc.
( provides embedded, web, and desktop software
engineering services to hardware companies throughout the world. The
company was a pioneer in embedded web applications in 1996 and has provided
web-based solutions for over 40 companies since then. Representative
clients include Nortel, Hewlett-Packard, Yamaha, Sharp, Motorola, Broadcom,
and Apple Computer.


Tom Bajoras
Lead Engineer, Embedded Web
Art & Logic, Inc.