(CA-OPENOSX) OpenOSX Publishes OpenWeb Update

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SWALL MEADOWS, Calif.–(OPENOSX-COM)–January 21, 2002– OpenOSX.com, a
leading provider of easy-to-use, world-class open-source software, today
has published binaries of Apache 1.3.22, PHP 4.1.1 in a downloadable
package. The package is designed for patrons of the OpenOSX OpenWeb and
OpenDB CD’s. The package is designed to be installed on top of Mac OS
10.1.2, and restores and adds new functionality for OpenOSX OpenWeb and
OpenDB installations.

The PHP binaries have been built with support for PDF Lib (in demo mode),
XML, WDDX, Regex Library, MySQL and PostgreSQL, Perl Compatible Regular
Expressions, ODBC, GD, FTP, EXIF, CURL, BC Math and ZLib.

The downloadable package is designed to be installed after installing
OpenOSX OpenWeb or OpenDB versions 1.x through 2.0 and after updating to
Mac OS 10.1.2.

In addition to installing Apache 1.3.22 and PHP 4.1.1, the OpenOSX OpenWeb
2.1 CD installs and configures: Tomcat 4.0 with WebDAV support, mod_ssl,
MySQL 3.23.46, phpMyAdmin 2.2.2, MyODBC 2.50.38, iODBC 3.0.5, OpenSSL
0.9.6c, PostgreSQL 7.1.3, phpPgAdmin 2.2.0, Free Type 2, GD 1.8.4, phpShop
0.6.1a, phpDig 1.0.4, phpAds 1.4.0, phpPolls 1.0.3 and WebCalendar 0.9.32.
More information about the $59 OpenOSX OpenWeb 2.1 CD is available at:

The OpenOSX Apache 1.3.22 (with PHP 4.1.1) package may be downloaded
immediately from:


OpenOSX.com is a company dedicated to serving the Macintosh community. The
owner of OpenOSX, Jeshua Lacock said “Our OpenWeb CD is a by-product of Mac
OS X’s stability, flexibility and power “. Jeshua also stated, “As a former
professional system administrator, I realize that many computer users
loathe the ‘Unix’ command-line and we are dedicated to bringing popular
Unix software to the Unix-challenged’ and seasoned system administrators