Green Onions Supply is releasing new Crystal Oleophobic and Crystal Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protectors for tablets and smartphones.

These smudge-fighting solutions combine transparent and crystal-clear films with an oleophobic or anti-fingerprint coating. The coatings repel oil or otherwise reduce the appearance of fingerprints, which keeps users’ screens clearer even when covered in fingerprints and facial oil, according to the folks at Green Onion.

The enhanced Crystal Oleophobic Protector has a finish for smartphones, repelling oil with “zero-distortion clarity.” It mimics the oleophobic coatings found on many smartphones, which allows users to add the Protector without sacrificing any functionality, according to the folks at Green Onions. The first model is for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The Crystal Anti-fingerprint Protector makes smudges and fingerprints effectively invisible while still retaining a clear finish. Many custom-cut sizes are available for a wide variety of tablets including the iPad 2. For more info and pricing go to .