As a graduate student, you need to balance multiple responsibilities, from attending classes to taking notes, conducting research, writing papers, and even managing your personal life and finances. 

Fortunately, there are many iPhone apps that can help you streamline your workload, stay organized, get dissertation writing help well on time for your next research, and manage your time efficiently. Here’s a list of some of the best iPhone apps that can make your life easier. 

Canvas Student

Almost all grad school uses this app. Canvas Student is a Learning Management System (LMS) schools utilize to deliver online courses. But, for users, it offers more than that. Canvas offers an all-in-one feature to stay connected to your coursework. 

In grad school, it helps you manage course materials and communicate better with instructors. The app is also handy for staying up-to-date with class activities, as it provides notifications when assignments are due and makes submitting assignments easier. 

The Canvas platform also features intuitive dashboards for checking grades and collaborating with other students during coursework. If your school runs on the Canvas platform, then it is a must-use. 


Classes in graduate school revolve around note-taking. But, since you juggle your personal life, coursework, and job simultaneously, paying attention during lectures will be challenging. If you need a comprehensive and reliable note-taking tool, Evernote is the way to go. 

Evernote allows users to capture images, organize their notes and ideas, create to-do lists, and even record voice memos. It has innovative tracking features that sync your notes and documents across multiple devices, if needed, and make searching for documents easy. 


One of the many requirements of a graduate college student conducting independent research is reading. More than this, most courses require that students take extensive notes in lectures and research meetings. With how packed your individual schedule can be and the stress of having a job, it means the chances of having enough free time to read are slim. That’s where Speechify comes in. 

Speechify is a text-to-speech app that allows you to dictate and read your notes or PDF documents without actually reading them. This app is particularly great on the road or while working, as you can listen to your coursework while completing another task. It also comes in handy for parents in grad school.


As mentioned earlier, research is one of the few staples of grad school life. And, many programs do require written dissertation before graduation. However, having to compile a bibliography, reference, and even find reliable databases and articles can be time-consuming and tricky to navigate, especially when you have issues downloading papers to your library and citing a journal article in the right citation style. 

Thankfully, Paperpile solves this challenge. Paperpile is a reference management app that helps users organize and cite their information sources. It can be a great addition to a graduate school educational toolkit as it helps you manage extensive collections of research materials and cite them accurately in their work. 

Paperpile can seamlessly integrate with other research tools like Google Scholar, PubMed, and Microsoft Word, making it easy to import and manage research materials, as well as to insert citations and bibliographies into your documents. With Paperpile, you can also access multiple journals right from your phone while working on the computer. 


Most people think MOS is simply a bank app, but it’s much more than this. Aside from banking advantages, it also helps you access funding opportunities in the United States, whether you need a tennis college scholarship or grants that help you avoid student loans. 

Most scholarship apps require users to search for scholarships themselves. But, the biggest advantage of MOS for grad school is that it has a scholarship matching feature that matches users with scholarships that are most relevant to their individual needs and qualifications. All you need to do is complete a quiz and get access to hundreds of funding recommendations. 


Graduate-level math courses are complex, and you can get stuck while solving a simple problem. If you’ve always aced other courses but find a math-related course like statistics challenging, this app is your next best friend. It uses photographic images to solve your mathematical equations. 

Simply use the camera on your iPhone and take a snapshot of the math problem. The app will do a comprehensive step-by-step breakdown of the problem, so you not only derive the right answer but can also understand how to solve the problem. Photomath can also solve mathematical topics like algebra, calculus, geometry, and trigonometry equations. And, even if you get the hang of math problems, it can help you do a speedy check on your assignments to ensure your answers are accurate.


Since graduate school life is busy, it means you need an app that can help you keep track of your to-do list, deadlines, and progress in coursework. That’s why we recommend Trello. 

Apps like Power Planer, Asana, and Todoist offer this strategic planning feature of Trello. Still, one thing users will really love about this app is its flexibility. You can customize it to suit your workflow and preferences. That means Trello offers an ingenious interface that helps you create boards for your courses, lists, and cards for reading, research, or even assignments and group projects. 


Say goodbye to a difficult time memorizing information after reading notes or articles from journals for your research, assignment purposes, or exams. 

Quizlet is a convenient and more effective way to memorize notes and documents that may seem hard to comprehend. It comes with a digital flashcard feature that allows you to cover different topics and subjects. 

Simply create your own flashcard or use an existing one designed by others to review course content related to your field to make studying complex topics easy. The app also supports images and audio, making it easy for individuals who rely on text-to-speech functions to learn.

Final Thoughts

Graduate school can be overwhelming, but not so much when you have the right tools to make a difference. There are plenty of apps out there that can help make the process easier. With apps that streamline your workload by helping you keep track of your coursework, manage notes and research, cite sources, make reading easy, offer scholarship notifications, and solve your math equations, staying organized and managing valuable time efficiently won’t seem impossible. So, go ahead and download these apps today, and take the first step towards success!

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today