Apple and Android smartphones have several differences, but could certain tendencies— like driving habits, be more common among users of one versus the other? To determine who is safer and savvier on the road, American Trucks — an online aftermarket retailer for trucks — surveyed 1,000 Americans (500 Android users and 500 Apple users) regarding their driving habits.

Here are the key findings from the study

  • iPhone users were more likely to experience road rage than Android users.
  • Android users were more likely to speed, run a stop sign, blast music, or drive without wearing a seatbelt, while Apple users were more likely to text while driving.
  • Apple users have been in nearly 20% more at-fault accidents than Android users; meanwhile, Android users were 15% more likely than Apple users to have been in an accident caused by distracted driving.
  • On average, Apple users were also more likely than Android users to have received five or more tickets during their lifetime. 
  • Android and Apple users also had different preferences regarding their driving music. Android users showed a stronger inclination toward rock (59%), while Apple fans favored pop tunes (55%). These were the top genres among each respective group, but hip-hop and rap were among the top five choices for both. Metal made the top five drive-time genres for Android users (24%), while Apple users were more likely to choose Indie (29%).

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today