Synology has announced that its new operating system, DSM 7.0, is generally available for the vast majority of its storage devices, including its enterprise NAS and surveillance-focused offerings.

Besides expanding availability to Synology’s top-of-the-line devices, it adds advanced functions, including expedited processing of support requests through Active Insight integration, Fibre Channel support, flash volume deduplication, and a K8s CSI driver to improve volume management in Kubernetes.

Together with this update, Synology is officially launching Hybrid Share, its hybrid cloud solution that brings the flexibility and scalability of cloud services to on-premises deployments, according to Rebecca Lin, product manager for VPN Plus at Synology. Hybrid Share enables simple and fast file synchronization between locations or offices, combining efficient local file caching with bandwidth offloading to the cloud to improve productivity while reducing IT burdens, she adds.

Synology has also announced that its VPN server solution for Synology Routers, VPN Plus, has transitioned to a permanently free licensing program.

Under the new program, new and existing owners of Synology’s RT1900ac, RT2600ac, and MR2200ac wireless routers can activate perpetual Client VPN Access and Site-to-Site VPN licenses at no additional cost, forever.

VPN Plus allows your Synology Router to host a powerful VPN server that is easy to set up and manage. It supports SSTP, OpenVPN, L2TP over IPSec, as well as Synology’s own SSL VPN protocol and lightweight desktop client. Web-based portal VPN gives users direct access to company intranet sites and there is even an option to provide employees with browser-based remote desktop access.

Owners of XS, SA, FS, NVR, and DVA Series devices can obtain DSM 7.0.1 by heading to the Synology Download Center or upgrade directly from within DSM once the update is rolled out in their regions.

Synology Hybrid Share is automatically available to all C2 Storage Advanced Plan (previously Plan II) subscribers at no additional cost. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today