Since I can’t cover everything, I like to offer a daily roundup of must-read articles from some other great websites:

° From MacRumors: Apple appears to be preparing an iOS 16.3.1 update for the iPhone, based on evidence of the software in our website’s analytics logs this week. 

° From TechCrunch: The revival of the HomePod is due to customer demand, according to an Apple spokesperson.

° From AppleInsider: Apple has cut iPhone 14 Plus display orders down to a small portion of total iPhone shipments, as demand is apparently far below Apple’s initial expectations.

° From CNBC: Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple employees are beta testing a buy-now-pay-later feature that will be part of its services offerings later this year.

° From 9to5Mac: An unopened original iPhone is hitting the auction block, and it could fetch quite a bit more than what it cost in 2007.  

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today