SubEthaEdit 2.1 Released.
For Immediate Release – November 16, 2004

TheCodingMonkeys are proud to announce the release of SubEthaEdit 2.1.
Despite being a point release it brings a bunch of exciting new

– UNIX command line tool combining the power of SubEthaEdit and
– Customizable syntax colors, complete with easy user interface, and
import/export functionality to support sharing of color schemes.
– Export to HTML web pages, including collaboration metadata, like
color-coded authorship information and co-author’s names, pictures,
email addresses and AIM screennames.
– Overhauled printing architecture. Also prints collaboration metadata.
– Open and save files as Administrator.
– AppleScript interface to remote control basic editing and

SubEthaEdit 2.1 also adds French and Korean to its list of
localizations (also supports Catalan, Trad. Chinese, Danish, English,
German, Japanese and Russian).

For a detailed list of additions, changes and fixes please consult the
release notes at

For an overview of the new features, have a look at the “SubEthaEdit
2.1” section at

Commercial licenses for SubEthaEdit are available for $35, with volume
discount starting at 3 licences. Commercial licenses are valid for all
2.x versions.
Non-commercial use is free.

SubEthaEdit (formerly known as Hydra) won the 2003 Apple Design Award
for “Best Mac OS X Student Product” honoring outstanding excellence in
software design and innovation Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference
in June, 2003.
SubEthaEdit also received first-place award in the international
category of the O’Reilly’s second Mac OS X Innovators Contest. Entries
were judged on innovation, ease of use, adherence to the Mac OS X Human
Interface Guidelines, and use of Mac OS X technologies.

TheCodingMonkeys is a Macintosh software company based in Munich,
Germany. We are determined to produce software that stands-up to the
Macintosh ease-of-use while solving complex problems. TheCodingMonkeys
revolutionized real-time text collaboration with the release of
SubEthaEdit 1.0.