Why is it taking so long for us to get an updated 24-inch iMac? I was expecting one this year with the processor upgraded from a M1 chip to an M2. 

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has said Apple will forego equipping the all-in-one with an M2 processor and update it with an M3 chip “later” in 2023. Of course, Apple hasn’t even announced the M3 yet. And a late 2023 update is waaaay too long between updates for Apple’s best-selling desktop. And with the 27-inch iMac Pro discontinued (at least for now) the 24-inch iMac is the only all-in-one in Apple’s line-up.

Speaking of the next rev of the 24-inch iMac, designer Parker Ortolani has shared, via Twitter, a cool new new M2 iMac with darker colors with Starlight, Midnight, Green, Pink, and Blue. Check it out.

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today