Mobvoi Inc., an AI company and creator of TicWatch smartwatches, has  released TimeShow, a new watch face application built for all smartwatch users and watch face creators that offers” the freedom and fun to differentiate and rejuvenate their daily timepiece,” according to Robert Zhang, vice president of engineering at Mobvoi. 

New watch face releases will be available on a weekly basis on the TimeShow app. Options range from interactive games like “Little Ball Adventure” and “Gluttony Snake” to customized widgets, as well as an assortment of modern and classic styles .

A variety of fonts and effects are available to display the time and data on the smartwatch for an even more personalized style. TimeShow will also offer health and fitness-focused watch faces that show real-time health data, including a user’s steps and heart rate. 

In addition to the pre-designed options, the TimeShow DIY Site,, enables graphic designers and digital creators to curate their very own watch face and upload it to the TimeShow app. Mobvoi will be integrating a revenue-sharing plan into the platform so designers can express their creativity while turning a profit for their work.

The TimeShow app is now available for download on both Apple stores and Google Play. iPhone uses can sync with an Apple Watch, while Android users can sync with a Wear OS watch.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today