Logitech has announced a new “Designed for Mac” collection of products, crafted to be compatible and reliable with Mac setups across a variety of use cases. One is the US$39.99 K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac (Blueberry).

It’s likely to have special appeal to folks who want to use it with more than one device (say, two Macs, or a Mac and an iPad Pro). The K380 Multi-Device keyboard is Bluetooth-enabled so connects to a variety of Apple devices. You can switch quickly between a Mac, iPad, and iPhones thanks to its Easy-Switch feature. You can pair up to three devices and switch between them with the tap of a button. 

The K380 is lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to grab and go. The new Blueberry color looks great. As for performance, the scooped keys offer smooth, quiet typing. 

If you need a keyboard with the most functionality, the K380 isn’t for you. It has an Apple-specific layout that gives you dedicated Mac keys on F and A rows, so you can use all your favorite shortcuts. Though it has a minimalist design, its size is adequate and comfortable. The round keys make your fingers’ placement on the keys less awkward, though they take a little getting used to.

I like keyboards with backlit keys. That’s something the K380 doesn’t have. Also, you’ll need batteries to keep it juiced.

Logitech says the K380 gets long life (purportedly two years) out of the two AAA alkaline batteries that come pre-installed. I can’t vouch for that as I’ve only been using it for three weeks.

I’ll take Logitech’s word for it. But the K380 is sleek, conveniently sized, and lightweight for on-the-go usage.

Review overview

Typing features10


The Pros

  • Purportedly runs 2 years on batteries
  • Easy switching between devices
  • looks great

The Cons

  • Needs batteries
  • no backlight


9.3The K380 is sleek, lightweight, and works great with up to three Apple devices.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today