Since I can’t cover everything, I like to offer a daily roundup of must-read articles from some other great websites.

° From Deadline: Returning CEO Bob Iger told Disney staffers yesterday that, despite rumors, there no plans for a merger or deal with Apple.

° From 9to5Mac: Apple has been investing a lot in sports recently, and it seems that the company wants to take it even further. After confirming the launch of MLS Season Pass on the Apple TV app for next year, the company is now reportedly considering acquiring the broadcast rights to Dutch soccer league Eredivisie.

° From Nikkei Asia: Sony Group will supply Apple with its latest state-of-the-art image sensor with the component expected to feature in the next series of iPhones that go on sale next year.

° From AppleInsider: After complaining about Apple spending less money in advertising on Twitter, Elon Musk claims that Apple has threatened the app with expulsion from the App Store.

° From Cult of Mac: Apple tests an iPhone bug-fix system that doesn’t require full iOS updates

° From The Mac Observer: A new satirical video promoting the film “Spirited” features Octavia Spencer and Will Ferrell offering the new “Ryan Reynolds+.”

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today