Trolltech to include Qt/Mac in the Qt Academic Program

Sept. 3, 2001 – Oslo, Norway –Trolltech is adding Qt/Mac, the Mac OS X
port of Qt, the cross-platform GUI application, to the Qt Academic Program.
The addition of Qt/Mac to the Academic Program allows educational
institutions to acquire and use, for educational purposes, Qt for Mac OS X
for free.

“With Qt/Mac being offered to educational institutions, instructors can
teach students how to develop a single application, yet have it run on all
major desktop platforms, with a simple recompile,” said Haavard Nord,
Trolltech’s CEO.

Trolltech currently provides free versions of Qt/Windows, Qt/X11
(Linux/Unix) and Qt/Embedded to registered academic institutions so that
they may teach cross-platform development to their students.

To enroll in the Qt Academic Program, please complete the enrollment form
located here:

For interested parties located in the Boston area, Trolltech and Apple are
presenting a technical overview of the Qt/Mac Framework. To register for
the event, please visit

Qt/Mac is scheduled for release later this year.

About the Qt Academic Program:
Trolltech’s Academic Licensing Program is designed to allow
computer-science educators to receive–for free–versions of Qt that run on
platforms that normally require a commercial license (e.g., Qt/Windows and
Qt/Mac). This program has allowed over 150 schools worldwide to teach the
joys of programming with Qt. Among the institutions enrolled in the program
are MIT, Stanford, Gottingen University, Beijing University, University of
Tokyo, Rotterdam University, and University of Oslo. They have taught over
10,000 students how to program in Qt over the last year–a number that
continues to grow, and at an increasing rate.

About Trolltech
Trolltech is the creator of Qt, a C++ cross-platform fully object-oriented
application framework that enables rapid building of state-of-the-art GUI
applications for Microsoft Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X and embedded Linux
platforms. Qt has formed the basis of many successful commercial
applications worldwide, and was used to develop the open source, KDE
desktop environment. Trolltech is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with
offices in Brisbane, Australia, and Santa Clara, California. More about
Trolltech can be found on the World Wide Web at